Beauty…we yearn for it.

We spend hours on end obsessing over living up to society’s beauty standards. When being “skinny” was ideal, we starved ourselves to an anorexic state. Now that being “curvy” is ideal, we find ourselves spending hours at the gym doing deadlift squats with suffocating waist-training corsets wrapped around our waists; and when that fails to yield the results we want…we break the bank paying for cosmetic surgical procedures. We’ve turned ourselves into lab-rats, constantly tweaking our bodies to achieve “PERFECTION”: a snatched waist, big bootie, lighter complexion.

All the while, we fail to realise that loving yourself for who you are is so much easier, so much cheaper, and so much healthier. Only by accepting every curve, every stretch mark, every scar, every physical, social and mental flaw; will we be truly liberated.

Self Love…The greatest gift we can give ourselves, our daughters, our nieces, our sisters, our mothers, our aunts, our girlfriends, our grandmothers. We can and should be able to define what beauty is, on our own terms.



Double Dee’s Team

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